Frequently Asked Questions
Faxko LLC
1.    What are the advantages of the Tripod Ladder System?

2.    Has the ladder system been validated?
    Ans.    Yes, the ladder meet all the applicable requirements per ANSI A14.2 Standard and OSHA for the US market. It was
    also certified per EN131 for European market.

3.    Is the ladder constructed of rust free materials?
    Ans.    Majority of ladder parts are made of aluminum alloy. The fasteners' material is zinc plated steel. The rest of the parts
    are made of either plastic or stainless steel.

4.    At full extension, the ladder flexes during climbing. Is it safe to operate?
    Ans.    Similar to an extension ladder at full extension, the ladder flexes when you climb on. It is normal and you do not need
    to concern about this. The Tripod Ladder System has been validated with the ANSI Standard Specifications that require a
    safety factor of 4. That mean the ladder system passed the 1,200 lb load test. A few of customers (mostly non-professional
    users) has addressed this concern. If you are not comfortable with the flexing, we do not recommend to buy this ladder.

5.     Why the safety belt and the handle only rated for 75 lbs.?
    Ans.    The safety belt and the handle would prevent from injuries if you are out of balanced positions. We do not want you
    overly lean on them and 75 lb limit is more than enough for this purpose. However, we did validate the features with 300 lbs.
    (safety factor of 4 times) for safety.

6.    Does Faxko offer promotional Sale or issue coupons?
    Ans.    Our low prices are offered to our customers 24/7. For instance, our FT16 model (equivalent to 16' Stepladder) price is
    a lot less than the closest comparable unit's in the market. We do not have promotional sales or issue coupons.

7.    Is Faxko planning to address the Spreaders from folding-up?
    Ans.    When an user is on the ladder, all the 3 legs (2 legs and ladder section) are pushed outward. That means the forces at
    the spreaders are tension (not compression forces). From engineering perspective, this is not a safety concern. In addition,
    adding a locking mechanism will increase weight. For those reasons, we do not plan to update the design.
8.    How long does it take to receive the ladder after I place an order?
    Ans.    The ladders are shipped from Michigan (Detroit Metro) via FedEx Ground (or UPS Ground). It would take 2 to 8 days
    depend on your shipping address. Here are some information for your reference.
      3 Days to IL IN, OH, WI
      4 Days to NY, PA, MA, MO, MN
      5 Days to .KS, OK, GA, TN
       6 Days to TX, CO, FL
      7 Days to CA, OR, WA, NE

9.    Can I return for full refund, if I don't like it?
    Ans.    If you do not like the item, you may repack it and shipping back (buyer pay return shipping fee) to us within 30 days.
          We will make full refund in 15 days after receiving the item.

10.   Do you carry spare parts?
       Ans.    Sorry, we do not carry spare parts. Due to safety concerns, we do not recommend you to make repairs.

11.   Where are the ladders made?
    Ans.    The ladders are made in China.

12.  Is this a patented design?
    Ans.    Yes, it is a patented design.

13.  Do you have warranty?
    Ans.   One year limited warranty. Please note, the warranty does not include impact damages such as cracks, bents, dents
          and etc. are covered by the shipping insurance within one weeks of receiving the item.