Faxko LLC

The followings are some of our customers' feedbacks in their own words.

The ladder is great! I'm a landscaper and use it primarily for tree work but also to clean gutters. I often have people ask me where I got
it and tell them happily. Really like the ease of use but the safety strap is the single most important feature to me.
Feel free to use this recommendation on any of your material.
Stefan L. , GreenServ PropertyCare, Spring, TX

Thank you for contacting me. The ladder is definitely stable but much heavier than I anticipated and cumbersome to navigate and move
it in & out of shubbery/bushes when I need to re-position it. It also takes some getting use to adjusting the height going from the ladder
section and then to each tri-pod legs. I would personally appreciate a quicker setup.
With that said... I recognize that there is no perfect ladder for every situation.
Bob Fruin, Eugene, OR

Absolutely the best ladder I have ever purchased!  Although it is hard to see in the pictures, my property is on the side of a mountain and
there is not a level spot to set up a normal ladder.  I was a little anxious to mail order without actually putting my hands on it, but it came
on time was packaged well and with a deck floor height of 14' it's the best tool in my shed!  I highly recommend this ladder to anyone
who is in the market.
Tom Hickey, Sherman, CT

This isn't my first Faxko ladder. I "borrowed" the same ladder I purchased for about 6 years. My friend needed to "borrow" it back. I
couldn't be without so I purchased one for myself. I get referrals to change out two story chandelier fixtures all the time. Great ladder.
Light weight and easy for 1 person to use. Sure beats renting an extremely heavy ladder to do the same job I can do by myself. Thank
you for creating this ladder.
Jeff King, Conductive Electrical Contracting LLC, Smyma, DE

Excellent design and robust construction. Surprisingly lightweight for such a large ladder, and appropriate for replacement of several
ladders of various sizes. We have found that if we carry this one ladder to a job we are prepared for just about any situation. Previously
we would have to plan in advance what ladder sizes to bring. Recommendation for improvement is to add ratcheting action as ladder
extends, allowing 1 person an easier time to extend the ladder solo. It’ll add expense, no doubt, but I’d be willing to pay extra for this
feature. Many times I’ve worried about crushing my hand in between ladder rungs, if I should let my grip slip as I extend the ladder my
Joseph P. De kroon, CrownTech Computer Services, Duluth, GA

I purchased this ladder because any equivalent ladder with an A frame able to reach 20 feet was at least $600 or more. Additionally, it
would be impossible to transport the ladder from the store to my home, not just due to the excessive weight but also due to the length
(you would need a truck or a van).  I love it's compact size (relatively speaking). I thought it was fairly steady fully extended however
once you reach 20 feet or so, while it would still remain steady, there is a slight wobble which I think would be present with any ladder.
Oh, and it's weight makes it easy-to-use even for a single person operation.
Overall, I was able to get on the up side of a ceiling fan lamp 20 feet up without difficulty. A painter was charging me over $100 to do
this, and then decided to charge me 300 when he showed up and saw the height. Needless to say, I purchased this ladder instead. Very
happy. Got the job done. Would definitely purchase again.
Last but not least, I would recommend that you put this ladder on eBay or Amazon. I think you would make a killing!  Also, consider
advertising to businesses that rent ladders because again this is something that a regular consumer can use (and transport!) and will find
very useful.
Afroz A. Hai, Brookfield, WI

Thank you for asking for feedback.  I did quite a bit of research before finding you; it was not easy to find!!!
I have a 17’ high foyer and my wife wanted the chandelier replaced.  We had asked for a handyman to do this, the cheapest we could
find was $500!  That is when I started investigating ladders and ladder systems.  I already owned a 12’ step ladder, definitely not long
enough for this job.  I looked at all the usual suspects, and while I could have bought a larger step ladder, the weight was untenable and
it would have been quite difficult to maneuver in the foyer since it is a relatively tight space.  I happened onto your website and
conceptually, I was sold.  The telescoping feature really did it for me.  The problem was, other than on your website, no reviews (well
one, but only one).  And you don’t sell anywhere else.  And I looked….for days.  So, I took a chance on your ladder, based on the
video and one review.  A $400 gamble that I am happy to say paid off.
The ladder is excellent, and while it is a bit wobbly when fully extended, that is to be expected with the telescoping legs.  The main thing
is, I never felt unsafe.  I have, in fact, recommended and will continue to recommend this ladder to everyone.
One thing I would recommend to you:  Sell on Amazon.  
If you need anything more from me, please let me know.
Michael G. Simms, Cortland, OH

Works great, steady, and able to reach 2 stories and feel comfortable.  Price was good, and many more uses than a standard ladder.  I
have used about 10 times for interior and exterior light installation.  Would be good to make lighter if possible but still very manageable.  
Chris Lauret, Middletown, OH

Bob Bigony, N Barrington, IL

I LOVE that ladder!  I bought a foreclosed house late in 2013 and was working on it most of 2014.  but I couldn't figure out how I was
going to paint the 17' foyer or change the dirty/broken fan in the foyer. until I found the ladder!  
Attached is a picture of how I used it on the stairs to put the new ceiling fan up. :)  I am a 45 year old female and felt very secure and
comfortable on the ladder.  My boyfriend did go the extra step to secure the ladder to the railing (just in case...) :)  
Thank you!
Maura Keenan, Philadelphia, PA

Thanks for the inquiry/follow up. For the most part, I love the ladder. I am using it to repoint the bricks on a warehouse my wife and I
converted into living space. It fits the bill better than anything else I looked at including several types of individual man lifts. The one
minor issue I have had, which I had seen mentioned in reviews prior to buying it is the ease with which the support pieces fold up.
Some type of retaining clip would be a simple, inexpensive and safe fix.
Now my question to you is why don’t you have a sales force selling these? Have you considered it? I’m a strong enough believer in it
that I’d be willing to use my extensive sales background to sell them to businesses and end users.
Jay Barry, Lancaster, PA

Nothing beats the stability of this ladder. My house has an exterior and interior design that makes it nearly impossible to use anything
else. Once it's up it's great. However, erecting it and collapsing it is a bit tedious for one person. Also when I tried it on ground that
slopes from side to side the rear ladder feet were not stable so I have to put a flat object under one side. If they were adjustable like the
front, just on a smaller scale, it would make it work a lot better.
The pins on the front legs are cumbersome to line up with the holes, so when you're by yourself taking each leg up or down by small
increments at a time this is what makes it tedious and time consuming.
So overall I'm glad I bought it. It definitely fills a niche for people like me.
This is just my two cents and I hope what I wrote made sense. A company that is looking for feedback and trying to improve is a
company I'd like to see succeed.
Eric Moyer,  Sellersville, PA

I bought the ladder for a safe way to reach the ceiling of my great room.  It is 17' tall.  Before I would use my extension ladder but we
have installed hardwoods and I don't trust wood surfaces for ladders.  That is because I was using an extension ladder on my deck in
2010 and the bottom kicked out and I shattered my leg. I have also used it outside to change light bulbs.  I like the fact that it will lean
into the wall.  Our neighbor, the lady of the house, borrowed the ladder to paint the high ceilings in their modern style house. She said it
worked like a charm.  It feels very solid even at the top heights.  I used a competitor's "A" frame ladder that would extend to 17 feet.
The problem was that it took up a lot of room and you could not get safely close to the wall to change the can lights. Thanks for your
Bob Martin, Huntsville AL

Sure. This ladder makes it easy to reach up there and I like it on uneven ground it gives a good foundation to climb on.  Looks like I
need one 20ft higher. Oh well In all honesty it is a good value and only took a couple of times at full height to feel comfortable working
up there. See Picture
David Dabney, Franklin, NC

I love the ladder and so does everyone else I talk to.  I had it on a few jobs and even the other sub contactors thought it was cool.  One
job in particular was a church I was helping renovate, near the end of our reno there was a wedding to happen and the wedding party
borrowed the ladder to help set-up….they couldn’t stop praising the ladder. He must have looked you up from your label the side of the
ladder because he told me that he would be buying one shortly.
Tom Endress, Punchlist Carpentry LLC,  Jackson, NJ

This ladder design has been a real help in changing chandelier bulbs in our church. My only regret is that i could not afford to buy a
second unit as we have 9 fixtures located above church pews-bulb changing was surely made easier by putting one end on pew and the
other on the ground several pews ahead. The balance feature makes going up that height a lot more safe. If you could see your way to
sell a second unit at a reduced price I would be very much interested. also you need a reference i will be glad to accommodate
Ted Polas, Ambridge, PA

I am more than happy with the ladder. I have a ton of pictures and would love to share more stories about this ladder. I promote them in
a matter of speaking. Take a look at a few things 1st my website is
www.myhandymate.com and I will be adding more pictures but also
here is your ladder in action in a youtube video..
http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=tR4wrx-6CFg let me
know if there is something in particular that you are looking for and I will see if I can get a picture or video of it for you.
Thank you
Jassen Holderby, My Handy Mate LLC, Galena, OH

We are generally satisfied with the ladder, and have used it for a few different purposes.
But one complaint: When the ladder is extended (about 1 or 2 extra feet), the ladder seems to have just a slight amount of wiggle room.
As a result, as you get higher on the ladder, it rocks just enough to make me feel very unsure of myself. If you could eliminate that, it
would be so much better. I think it is from the extension lever locks. They fit too loosely in the holes.
I considered returning the ladder at first, but decided to just deal with it.
Brad Young, Cary, NC

My ladder arrived in a timely manner & in great condition... Setting up was faster & easier than unwrapping the shipping
protection... haha. ... I love ladder already... It's the perfect solution for what I do & exactly what I have been looking for, for
years... In fact I sold my 40' Gennie lift & choose to use this ladder... After my experience with the Little Giant 21' Skyscrapper
this is a breeze to set up... That said... I think there may be a better way... I'll give you my take on that soon... Like everyone else says...
Thanks for the great ladder... Comment last: give us 2 more feet...
Douglas O Matthews, St. George, UT

I am a house painter here in Nanaimo B.C. Canada.
What got me looking for a ladder like yours is we had a bunch of 20 foot tall street lamps to paint. The area around these street lights
were hilly and hard to reach. I looked at other ladder types but the two main things that sold me on yours was that it folded down to a
size that would fit in our van and could be set up on smooth flooring as well as outdoors. We had the ladder set to its max height and
within minuets the workers using the ladder had gotten used to being up so high without a wall near by. The ladder worked better that I
could have hopped. Shipping was fast but I did have to muck about a bit with the payment system.
I have not seen a ladder like yours sold in Canada and see a market there for you.
All the best
Grae Dickerson, Home Pro Painting, Nanaimo B.C. Canada

Your invention is truly a blessing to our business. We are primarily architectural photographers (see attached photos) and the ladder
allows us to get a camera angle that is unique to Marc Walters Photography.
We built a small platform to hold a ball head and attached it to the uppermost portion of the ladder. This allows us to lock the camera
solidly to our "giant four-legged tripod".
We can then take the unit right into buildings.
Thanks again!!
Marc Walters, Marc Walters Photography, Boise, Idaho

Your ladder is everything that was claimed. It is safe, light and easy to adjust and store. I use it both indoors and out. I can get up to 19
feet working level. Are you going to make a taller one as my peak ceilings are 24 ft? Thanks, photo attached.
Jon Woodard, Camano Island, WA

I got your FT-16 ladder about 4 months ago and have to say it's been the best ladder ever! I run a lawn service and often trim palm
trees. I use this ladder in conjunction with a gas powered pole trimmer to easily, comfortably and safely reach these trees. I'll figure out
a way to film myself doing that. In the meantime I did a Youtube review on this ladder in hopes that more people would see it and buy it,
because it really is the best ladder I've ever used. That video is here:
This ladder is extremely versatile yet still very strong. I don't understand why these aren't for sale in every home improvement store
everywhere. But I am certainly very happy that I found mine.
Mike Suchora, Orlando, FL

The ladder is awesome
This is the best ladder for doing ceiling fans with 18ft high foot ceilings. one could go to 19ft also with this ladder. I boast about it to all
my fellow electricians. No more huge A frames ladder with center ladder going up. One also has to straddle the ladder to be that high.
Great design. I wish i thought of it, I wouldn't have to do electrical work anymore.
Geno Bertocchi (Licensed Electrician), Clayton, NC

I am indeed thrilled with the ladder. I fabricate and install custom window treatments. So I am pretty good on a ladder. This is truly a
great ladder. I can get much closer to the windows and feel very secure doing so.
This week I installed window treatments on a curved staircase. In the past I would have rented scaffold and planks to get the height I
needed. The tripod ladder got me there easily.
A couple of my customers were so impressed they have ordered their own.
Thank you again,
Lori Burr (Sew Biz Drapery), Neenah, WI

Best ladder i have ever purchased. I have 19 foot ceilings with spots throughout the house, this ladder is easy to use, versatile and safe.
The handle at the top is unique and a great idea. Strongly recommend to anyone looking for a great affordable ladder.
Ronald Ryan, McKinney, TX

I love the ladder! I'm loaning it to someone that may actually purchase one. It's easy to operate and is very solid to work from at any
height. One of my favorite things about the ladder is that it is amazingly compact when folded down.
John Corbin, Columbia, TN

I'm a big fan of good design.. should have been my calling in life. I'll let you know if I run into any issues but so far, I'm very pleased
with it. You should buy an exhibit booth at INFOCOMM and mab be NAB and NAMM. Little Giant is there but your ladder is much
lighter and more versatile.... and cheaper. Your buyers would be AV Companies who use ladders to hang lights mostly.
Chris Roberts (AVSD), National City, CA

I'd like to complement you on the design of the Faxko ladder. I use it for multiple purposes and am very happy to no longer need to rent
16' step ladders which actually don't suit my purposes as well. I am a mechanical design engineer with ideas for my own patents and
I'm very critical of products which aren't well designed. I think your ladder is extremely well designed, and that is no insignificant
statement. I have used the ladder to trim large wax myrtle trees at the corners of our house (they will get out of hand unless trimmed
every year) and to paint a 19' ceiling in our great room and foyer together, which includes a stairway. There were areas especially above
the stairs where a 16' step ladder would not have been any use, but since the tripod legs are individually adjustable I was able to get to
areas which might have been nearly impossible without scaffolding. I also was able to move the ladder around inside thick juniper
bushes surrounding the wax myrtles which would have been extremely difficult with a 16' step ladder, and of course the individually
adjustable legs, once again, were very helpful in dealing with uneven ground in the yard.
Best wishes, kudos, and regards,
Mark Stapleton (Watermark Design, LLC), Charlotte, NC

We have just finished painting our Living room & Kitchen that has 14 & 15 ft ceilings. The ladder that we purchased from Faxko made
the job a lot easier than I had visioned . The ladder is well designed and I will recommend this ladder to anyone. To make this ladder
complete there needs to be a paint tray holder or bracket to hold a paint tray. That would be a great option.
Luverne McNamara, Warsaw, MO

Hi thank you for your concern i have a pawnshop 16' ceilings w/100 bulbs i put of purchasing a step ladder elsewhere because of
expense , when i found this ad on craigslist i was still looking for ladder 8months been looking saw it bought it right then i am so proud
of it i show it to every contractor i know that would use such a thing it is great i can get 19 ' which mean i can replace ceiling tiles to
that are bad and woring for new fixtures i love it fast shipping to my door i didn’t have to carry that heavy thing from home depot shelf
400' to the truck at 50yrs old i would pay 25.00 to take it to truck ha ha anyway thank you for a great product
best regard
Ray Loomer, Fort Worth, TX

Thank you for your email.  I purchased my Faxko ladder for use around my home.  I have 12' and 14" ceilings on the first floor of my
house and, being a pretty big guy, I needed a secure ladder.  You product is perfect for my needs, it is high quality, stable and solid.  My
first job with the ladder was painting our kitchen/family room. I felt very safe using your ladder, even at 14'.  I previously owned a
home construction company and I have purchased many ladders over the years.  I have to say that your product is an incredible value
for the price.  It is heartening to see that there are still hight quality products being made in the USA.  
On the day my ladder was delivered, (which was much quicker than I expected), I was not at home.  My neighbor accepted the ladder
and placed it in his garage for me.  About a week latter he knocked at the door asking if he could take another look at the ladder.  My
neighbor runs a power washing service and prides himself in having the best equipment in the industry.  Needless to say, he is now
using your ladder in his business.
Congratulations on designing and building a superior product; best of luck in the future.
Yours truly
Eric Herrera, Land O Lake, FL

I swear; in my next life, I'm coming back 15' tall, because I *hate* ladders. All my friends know this. I spent 4 hours up on my tripod
ladder with NO complaints!  It's nice and stable and secure.
I *almost* can't wait to hop up on it to clean my solar panels.
Lisa Cundall, San Jose, CA

I wanted to say what a great product you have. I live in Michigan, and the Troy location was 15 minutes from my house. I contacted
the owner Allan and he made and I asked if I could see it on Saturday 09/24/11. He said he would honor my request. I met up with him
this morning; he showed me how to set it up in 10 minutes. He let me go to the highest setting and I felt totally safe, as opposed to some
other 12-14 step ladders I tried before. I was sold, bought it on the spot. The ladder is very light weight but extremely sturdy. I set it up
in our living room to remove a ceiling fan that was 20 feet and easily able to remove it in 1 hour. This is such a great product, I would
recommend it to anyone and will. Alan even told me there is a 30 day return policy for whatever reason. Sorry Allen, I'm NOT returning
this product. I need this and now can sell the many steps and extension ladders I own. Great ladder!
Jaime Anaya, Shelby Twp., MI

I'm in the widow cleaning business and I'm working a million dollar house with some windows that are 18 feet high. The outside I could
use a extension ladder but inside I don't want to lean anything against the walls and mark the walls up. So this ladder is going to fit my
needs just fine. How new is this ladder system?
I received my ladder on 8-25-11. Super fast shipping like 2 days. The quality of the ladder is great, everything slides in and out real
smooth. I wasted no time putting it to use the same day. Washing windows I used the 8' "A" frame and it was solid like a
rock. I then had to clean some windows that were 16 feet high and again it felt very stable and safe. It was a little slow setting it up but
it was my fist time and I didn't want to hit anything in the room.  The biggest thing I like about the ladder is I felt SAFE while using it.
Thanks for a great ladder design.
Larry Horkman, Green Bay, WI

I wanted to respond to your email and let you know just how satisfied I am with the Tri-pod Ladder System.  I recently was faced with
a painting job that required the painting of both intricate crown moldings and ceilings in a foyer with 20 ft ceilings and what made it
more challenging was the interference of a large open staircase and the tri-pod ladder performed better than my expectations.  I am very
satisfied with your product and would highly recommend it to anyone.  I cannot think of any way in which you could improve the
product.  - we found the price to be reasonable and the product truly exceeded my expectations. Sincerely,
Chris Laramee, Holden, MA

It's a great ladder! The best I've owned. I'm just a homeowner/handyman with 16 foot vaulted ceilings, large trees, etc.
One improvement I would suggest: a plastic clip to temporarily lock the back crossmember. I used duct tape. This lets me climb into the
tripod, and move the ladder by myself, one hand on the back crossmember, the other on a rung, without dragging any of the legs. Just a
thought. Thanks,
Bob Henry, Las Vegas, NV

Thanks for the follow up. I stumbled across your Faxko ladder system several months ago while trying to find a way to access a
burned out light bulb. The light in question was recessed into my 20 foot ceiling and located directly above a curving staircase and my
attempts to change the bulb with an extension pole and light basket only resulted in me knocking the retention springs off of the
recessed light can. I did a lot of research before buying my Faxko ladder and I can safely say that there is no other ladder option
available that provides the reach and flexibility of the Faxko, regardless of the price. As you can see from the attached photos, the tripod
design and the ability to shorten the one tripod leg were the key to reaching the light bulb in question.
I've since used the ladder several times for a variety of tasks including the installation and removal of Christmas lights, cleaning a ceiling
fan that I was previously unable to access and strangely enough, retrieving my RC airplane that I managed to fly (and get stuck) into a
tree at my local park.  
Thanks for designing a great product and for making it available at a great price. Yes, based on my initial needs, I paid $329 to change a
light bulb, but that's well below the medical costs I would have incurred as a result of the home-made scaffolding that I was going to
build had I not stumbled across the Faxko ladder.
Best Regards,
Steve Ogrin,  Littleton, CO

The ladder is great - very stable, very safe.  It's a bit heavy and takes some time to setup but I really don't see how you would be able to
change the design and still reach this height safely.  I'm using my ladder a lot.  I'm just a homeowner but pretty busy with a lot of
projects.  My house has high ceilings and this ladder is just what I needed for tasks ranging from changing lightbulbs to installing
speaker wiring.  I looked at a lot of ladders and nothing really seemed to meet the capabilities of Faxko as described on your website.  
The price seemed low for the claims being made and  I was a bit concerned about what I would find for quality and performance.  My
concerns evaporated the first time I opened it up and used it.  I've already had 2 contractors looking at it and asking how find one.
Congrats on a good product.
thanks, John
John Johnson, Phoenix, AZ

You may recall that we spoke before I ordered your ladder last Summer.  It's a beaut for sure.  You may also recall that my main
purpose for buying it was to power wash the upper areas of our home.  To that regard I had suggested you may want to advertise your
product for that very purpose.  To power wash a side wall effectively, you must have some stand off area and the usual ladder puts you
way too close to the surface you are tying to spray with the result that you get soaked.
Otherwise, I had also suggested that you install a cheap plastic bubble level on each supporting arm so you need not mess with a
separate level when setting up the unit on uneven turf.  I find that I need all my arms just to set up the unit and leveling it is a problem.  I
have the level bubbles but have not attached them yet.
You have a fine product that is well engineered.  Good luck with it.
Frank A Woelfling, Strasburg, PA

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