Faxko is a newly created engineering company
located in Troy, Michigan. Every day, there are
thousands of people injured due to ladder
accidents. To address the problem, we have
designed and developed the innovative tripod
ladder system that we believe will be the
standard for future ladder designs. The tripod
ladder system will not only reduce the ladder
related injuries, but will also provide the higher
reach capabilities. This is our first product, we
are excited to bring it to the market.
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Faxko LLC
Ladder Accident
Per the statistics from
American Academy of
Orthopedic Surgeons
Every year in US, there
are more than
reported injuries, about
300 people die and cost
11 billion dollars.
Why Tripod Ladder System?

1. Safety:
* The tripod ladder provides a wider support base so that it is more stable than a conventional stepladder.
* The safety belt at the top of the ladder will protect the user from off-balance positions.

2. Capability:
* The system provides a higher reach than any other stepladder system in stores - perfect for high ceiling houses.
* Since the 3 Legs are independently adjustable, the system can be used on an uneven surface which is great for outdoor

3. Convenience:
* The safety belt allows hand-free operations so that you can work with both of your hands.
* The small package and light weight system provides for easier storage and transportation.

4. Versatility:
* The fly section can be used independently without the extension members. Hence, it would increase mobility for low
elevation applications.
* The ladder can be set up for AGAINST-WALL applications. It is safer than using an extension ladder. Since the ladder top
would not touch the wall, it would not have any risk of damaging the wall.

5. Save $$:
* Since the ladder would prevent injuries, it will save medical cost.
* The FT16 model is equivalent to the 16' traditional stepladders that are sold over

Since the tripod ladder system can be used as low/high stepladders and extension ladders, an average home owner would
only need one tripod ladder system for all the tasks. If you have a high ceiling in your house, this is the only ladder system
that is able to address all your needs.

Troy, Michigan